Team Grid

Linzhong Zhuo
Linzhong Zhuo is the president of Sunlight Development Group. Mr. Zhuo graduated Magna Cum Laude from West Virginia University, majoring in electrical engineering, and has always had a passion for real estate investing. With years of real estate development experience and a deep understanding of the New York City real estate market, Mr. Zhuo aims to maximize the success of Sunlight’s NYC real estate portfolio.
Yangfang Chen
Yangfang Chen is the founder of Sunlight Development Group, and a prolific NYC developer for the past twenty years. From humble beginnings as a carpenter, Mr. Chen worked his way up from home improvement and repairs, to construction, and finally to developing his own buildings, and becoming a community leader in Brooklyn and Queens. Utilizing his vast building and construction experience, Mr. Chen has a keen eye for profitable real estate opportunities.